What is neurological physiotherapy?

Neurological physiotherapy is an area of physiotherapy that specialises in the treatment of people who have damage to their brain, spinal cord or nerves caused by a wide variety of conditions.

Neuro physiotherapy helps the rehabilitation of those with physical and sensory impairment caused by a neurological condition.

Neuro physiotherapists use a wide range of techniques to optimise a client's function, promote normal movement patterns, minimise compensatory behaviours and promote independence.

Our Services

  • Indivualised rehabilitation programmes

  • Spasticity management​

  • Strengthening programmes

  • Functional activity progression

  • Gait re-education

  • Home exercise and gym programmes

  • Hydrotherapy sessions

  • Community access

  • Specialist orthotics and aids

  • Specailist moving and handling assessments and training

  • Training for careers 

What to expect at your first session

The initial session will normally take around 90 minutes.

Due to the complex nature of a neurological condition it is important that we fully assess a client before we begin working with them. This will then enable us to formulate a personalised programme of rehabilitation with specific patient centered goals.

Firstly we will take a thorough history of the client's condition and treatment to date including any previous physiotherapy input,  current medication and the clients concerns and aims.

The second phase is the physical examination where we will assess how the client's body has been affected. This is normally conducted lying down and it is useful if the client could be wearing shorts or trousers that can easily be rolled up.

The session is normally concluded with a discussion of the client's goals and how neurological physiotherapy input can be tailored to reach these.