Rider Analysis Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs the clinics?

The clinics are run by a fully registered Physiotherapist, Kathryn Burns

Bsc (Hons) Mcsp. Kathryn runs Minster Neuro Physio which treats clients

with a neurological condition and works with many large companies

including the injured Jockeys Fund at Jack Berry House in Malton. 

Working with this client group has allowed her to develop a specialism

in normal movement patterns and gait analysis. She has also trained in

Pilates with the APPI. Kathryn is a keen rider and has competed at local

and affiliated level eventing. She soon found that combining her Physiotherapy skills and her riding knowledge she was able to successfully analyse riding positions and postures. Kathryn has worked with riders of all levels from riding club to those competing internationally.


What is the aim of the clinics?

The clinics focus on the rider, not the horse and aim to identify areas of weakness, imbalance, tightness and over activity. These can all influence your posture and therefore your performance. We work on a principle of normal movement patterns and symmetry.

Riding should be about finding an optimal balance point to allow the most efficient and effective position, not about strength and power. By having an effective seat you will feel more confident and stable in the saddle as well as being a more effective rider.

The way the rider sits on the horse will have a dramatic effect on its performance and may result in compensatory movement patterns and potentially unsoundness.

 Do you find that you:

  • Feel better on one rein compared to the other?

  • Fix with one arm? 

  • Prefer to turn to one side? 

  • Have too much weight on one part of the saddle? 

  • Frequently loose your stirrups?

  • Feel unbalanced? 

  • Have back pain?

If any to the above examples apply to you then a personalised programme could help you correct these problems as well as improve you and your horse’s performance.

What happens during the clinic?

Each session will last between 30 and 40 minutes. Sessions will begin with a discussion about areas of your riding that you are having problems with and your aims for your riding. You will then be asked to warm up your horse as you normally would whilst Kathryn analyses your riding posture and position which may include photos and videos. Feedback will then be given.

 You will then be asked to dismount and you will be a further assessed regarding your strengths, weaknesses and areas of tightness using a gymball and mat. You will then practise any corrections on the gym ball before moving back onto your horse.  After the session you will be provided with a report of your rider analysis session and areas to work which may include an exercise programme if relevant.

Do I need to do anything before hand?

You will need to complete an assessment form (see below), this will help to identify any previous injuries prior to your analysis session and what you are hoping to achieve from the session.

What level of rider do I need to be?

Riders need to be confident in walk and trot to gain the most benefit from the clinics.

What do I need to bring to a clinic?

You and your horse. It would be useful if you could wear something relatively tight fitting (weather permitting).

Are you able to treat any pre-existing problems or injuries?

There will not be time in these clinics to provide an assessment of individual injuries. The aim of the clinic is to analyse and correct rider posture and to identify areas of tightness, weakness and over activity. A programme will be provided to work on the areas identified in the session. If a more significant problem/ injury is highlighted, you may benefit from further physiotherapy assessment from an MSK therapist. Kathryn will be able to advise further if this is required and provide contact details of Physios local to you.

Contact us for further information on clinic dates or how to arrange a clinic at your yard.