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The sessions take place in the hydrotherapy pool at Applefields

School, Bad Bargain Lane, York, YO31 0LW, on a Monday after

3.30pm or Tuesday after 5pm.

What is Hydrotherapy?

The pool is used to rehabilitate patients in an aquatic environment, ideally those who are unable to exercise on dry land for various reasons. Rehabilitation in the pool has many advantages. It helps to lessen the load on your joints and can be used to improve joint range of movement, joint stability and muscle strength in a warm environment. Aquatic therapy can also be effective in improving general mobility, balance and core stability.

The hydrotherapy pool is heated to a constant temperature of between 33 and 36 degrees. The pool is fully wheelchair accessible with 2 changing rooms eah with their own shower, changing bed and toilet. The pool measures 4.5 x 3.7m with a depth of 1-1.2m. Access to the pool is either by a set of stairs with a handrail, or by electric hoist if a patient is unable to access the stairs.

Patients will all require a referral for aquatic therapy by a physiotherapist they are seeing on dry land. The referring physiotherapist will ask a number of medical questions prior to considering aquatic therapy, to check if the patient is medically safe to attend pool based rehabilitation.

The physiotherapist who runs the pool sessions will determine what exercises are appropriate for the patient according to the referral sent by the dry land physiotherapist. If you are not currently being seen by a Physiotherapist you will require a pre hydrotherapy assessment conducting by Minster Neuro Physio.

By the end of the course of aquatic therapy, patients will have a set of pool exercises which they can continue to perform independently in a local swimming baths or pool in the future.


What you need to know:

Sessions last 20min, please arrive in plenty of time so that you are ready and showered for your allocated slot.

 There are changing facilities and showers available for you to use.

There will always be 2 members of staff in the hydrotherapy department (1 in the pool and 1 on dry land).

 The pool is warm and often humid so it’s important to have plenty of water before, during and after the session and ensure you have eaten a light breakfast or lunch so you don’t feel lightheaded.


The pool requires 48 hours notice of cancellations. Cancellations after this period will be subject to the pool hire charge for your share of the session.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements and

for availability